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Applying for job after job online can be tedious and if you aren’t getting to the interview stage, it can make your job search long and fruitless. Don’t be discouraged and overwhelmed by the job search. Linked into Jobs’ strategies are straight forward, easy to implement and proven to help you start making progress in your job search. We are here for your personal support and to get your job search on track.

Start Strong

Create a LinkedIn Profile and Resume that acts as a strong foundation to show Prospective Employers exactly what you can do for their business.

See Progress

Know how it feels to have recruiters and hiring managers looking at your profile and reaching out to you with new opportunities.

Land Your Dream Job

Follow your job search plan, expand your network and get those interviews and job offers. 

You’re a Manager. A Team Leader. A Professional.

You need a personal job search plan that will show you step by step the way to navigate a successful job search in today’s job market. If you are spending all of your time applying on the job boards, you’re going about the job search all wrong.

You need to know how to get past the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software so that your resume is scored high and gets you those calls to interview. These systems are designed to weed out candidates so that only a select few will be called to interview.

And you need to know how to tap into the Hidden Job Market where 80% of the jobs are waiting to be uncovered and there is a whole lot less competition. Linked into Jobs Job Search School program will show you exactly how to discover these opportunities. This is how the majority of our clients are receiving their job offers.

We Work And Think Different.

We’ve been doing this for a long time…developing easy to follow job search programs to effectively guide you on a successful job search that results in more interviews. Practical solutions for employment gaps, career changes and clarity, as well as help for those that feel that their age is acting against them in the current job market.  

We will work with you until you are hired. Your success is paramount to us. And we want you to land the job you truly desire and not just settle for anything to get a paycheck again.

BBB Accredited

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Our Founder and President, Tammy Homegardner, has been recognized by these professional organizations for her expertise in LinkedIn and the job search. 

Our Clients Love Us For A Reason

“By the end of week two, I had two interviews and in week 3, two more interviews. During week 5, I received three job offers!! It was simply amazing! Tammy’s career coaching knowledge is second to none and I would highly recommend anyone searching for a position enroll in Tammy’s 6-week coaching classes. Thanks Tammy!!! You are truly a lifesaver!!!!”

Kathy – Regional Operations Manager

“Hi Tammy, I would like to thank you for the brilliant guidance and insights you provided me with during my job search. Your lectures were extremely helpful and precious. I followed your instructions and they helped me find a perfect job with a leading organization.”

Lubna Ghanayem – Field Operations Manager

“Your program is PHENOMENAL! Within days of beginning, recruiters were finding me. My profile views increased exponentially. I know the offer of my dreams is just around the corner. Thank you so much.”

Caroline D. Stamps – Systems Administrator

I am happy to say I received two offers and will be back doing work I enjoy after not too long a hiatus. Thank you, Tammy, your understanding of the job market, modern tools, workshop, templates, and training were instrumental and exceeded the cost of the program.”

Herb Grice – Senior IT Project Manager/Consultant

“Tammy-is an expert in her field and highly recommend her and the program she has designed. Her and staff are excellent to work with! Tammy’s program is worth every penny and she will not allow you to continue to stay on the sidelines just waiting for that phone call-She has a true call to action. Thank you, Tammy.”

Robert Gotsch – Director of Fulfillment & Business Development

“The recruiter found me on LinkedIn. I am certain the recruiter would not have found me if I had not optimized my profile. I was offered a position as a Copywriter, which is a transition for me and one that I wanted very much. I accepted and could not attend weeks 5 and 6 live because I was employed again! The networking tips are also superb. I am grateful for Tammy’s expertise. The Job Search School led directly to my new position, which I am very excited about!”

Matt Hale – IT Technical Writer

After updating my profile and resume based on Tammy’s suggestions, I started to get inquiries from recruiters and HR talent acquisition professionals. Tammy is very well versed with how to use LinkedIn to its full potential and how to tailor your resume for the position you are seeking. Tammy explains in great detail through her online classes and website the best way to use LinkedIn specifically for a job seeker. I recommend anyone searching for a job attend Tammy’s classes and do the work she outlines.”

Rich Wioskowski – Senior Consultant

“I must admit I was skeptical about investing in Job Search School. After all, I never needed help in finding my previous jobs so what could be so hard in finding my next opportunity. Well, I couldn’t be more wrong, the job market has changed dramatically, and I learned the hard way. Job Search School is a game changer, seriously!”

Shaurnetta Russell – Senior Tax Associate

“Tammy is amazing to work with and can help you find the job you have always wanted. She was a master at helping me create and polish my resume and an invaluable resource creating a LinkedIn profile that is highly professional and sure to get noticed by recruiters. I highly recommend her to help get out of the job search vortex, get your confidence back, and get you those elusive interviews to help you get your dream job.”

Tony Grillo – Purchasing Manager

“I highly recommend this training program with Tammy. She responds to questions quickly and with practical suggestions. Tammy has a lot of knowledge which she is always willing to share. I have since found a great job that I secured through someone in my network. The program simply works.”

Beth K. Metz – Vice President, Human Resources

Meet Tammy Homegardner

Tammy Homegardner is the CEO of Linked Into Jobs. She is a Career Coach, Best-Selling Author, Forbes Contributing Editor and Founder of the The Job Search School. She is the person that you go to when you need help with today’s job search. She has helped literally thousands of people from mid-management up through C-Suite find their dream jobs much faster and easier than they ever could on their own.  
Unlike her competitors, Tammy doesn’t just provide courses. She provides you with a unique and individual plan to make your job search a success. Her strategies don’t just show you what needs to be done, they show you exactly how to implement each easy- to-follow step. And, unique to her program, Tammy will stay with you and be available to you until you are hired. You won’t find that anywhere else.

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