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Linked Into Jobs Program:
Create a Career Magnet Profile with Recommendations.
Build your network for the people who can hire or recommend you.
Search and contact those who are hiring, and find internal champions.
Create a compelling brand and brand promise. And lots more!

Yes Tammy! I want to work with you personally and have you add massive value to my job search and my profile. I want you to build an awesome brand for me and I want to get started now.

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Why Are So Many People Using Linked Into Jobs Program?
This is a personalized, done-for-you service that is invaluable in getting your dream job fast.

We do the work for you

We do all of the work so that you don’t have to. Our work is done behind the scenes and it will only take about an hour of your time to implement.

Career Magnet Profile

We will make sure that you have a career magnet profile that will attract recruiters and employers to you!

The RIGHT connections

We will make sure that you are targeting the RIGHT connections to serve your job search and beyond.

Done for you scripts

We will give you copy and paste scripts for recommendations and connection requests that you will be able to use over and over for success.
Using Linked Into Jobs Success Plan
Will Set You on the Right Track in Minutes…

2 Payments of $149

Linked Into Jobs Has Loads of Powerful Features!
Take a look at just some of the benefits you will get with this done for you service.

Brand and Brand Promise
Having a personal brand is essential in today’s world, especially if you are a job seeker. A personal brand lets people know you are who you say you are and gives you credibility.

A great brand and brand promise will make you stand out among the crowd and be noticed. It will help to keep your name in people’s minds and give you an edge over others.

We will help you create a brand that is right for your image and get you on the road to success.

Build Your Network and Find Hiring Managers
I will personally help you build your Linkedin network with highly targeted prospects and strategically chosen groups. This will ensure the highest rate of success by finding the people IN YOUR INDUSTRY who matter and can hire you or introduce you to someone who can hire you.

Remember, it is not always what you know, but rather “who you know” (or a combination of both!)


Help Develop Scripts That Will Get You Hired Fast
We will provide you with CUSTOM fill-in-the-blank templates that you can copy and paste.

In these scripts, we will craft messages to convince hiring managers to interview you. We will also develop scripts to turn employees of a potential company into internal champions for you…to get you hired fast.

You will also get personalized copy and paste messages to get the best recommendations and the most targeted connections.

That’s Cool… But What Else Comes with Linked Into Jobs?
Here is the complete list of all the valuable things
I am going to do for you (worth $797) with Linked Into Jobs…
  • Make you a career magnet profile with targeted recommendations.
  • Build your network with strategically chosen groups and help you find hiring managers.
  • Help you search and connect with internal champions.
  • Craft messages to convince hiring managers to interview you.
  • Help you develop scripts that can turn employees into internal champions.
  • Help you leverage job postings to connect with hiring managers and internal advocates.
  • Build an exciting brand and brand promise for you that gets hiring managers calling you.
  • Help you get your foot in the door with the companies that matter, which is critical.
  • And, help you to become social media savvy for business.


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Linkedin Exposed
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2 Payments of $149

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How Does the Program Work?

After you sign up, you will fill out a questionnaire, providing us with some background information on yourself. After submitting your questionnaire, you will be given a link to my online calendar and you can book your online appointment at your convenience.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Consultation?

That is really up to you. We will need 3 to 5 business days to prepare your custom program. But after that, you will be able to schedule your own appointment for the consultation at our online calendar so that it will be at your convenience!

Will You Be Making Changes on My Linkedin Profile?

No. LInkedin’s terms of agreement prevent us from having your password and using your account. However, we will give you all of the necessary changes and give you as much help as you need to get your profile done the right way.

Will I Get Samples Emails?

Yes, you will get several email templates that you will be able to use over and over again. We will provide a template to get recommendations, contact potential employers and contact internal champions.

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